Pyrex storage containers come in a very large variety. You can get small sets of just two or three containers with lids (and even buy individual containers) or you can buy sets of twelve, seventeen or even twenty pieces.

The most popular Pyrex sets are the Pyrex Bake Serve and Store Sets. These are sets of glass containers that you can oven bake in, and then snap on a lid and store the food in the fridge or freezer, ready to be reheated in the microwave when you want to eat it.

Of the Bake Serve and Store sets, the most popular is the twelve piece set, which comes with four glass containers with four glass lids and four plastic lids. The glass lids allow you to cook casseroles in the oven (they are self-venting) and the plastic lids go on when you wish to freeze the food you’ve cooked. You can also get a smaller 6 piece set of two containers, two glass lids and two plastic lids.

The next most popular Pyrex set is the Pyrex Storage Plus 20 piece set. You get seven round bowls and three rectangular bowls, in a range of sizes, each with fitted plastic lids. You can oven bake in the bowls, but the main attraction of this set is the range of containers that you get. You should be able to store anything – sauces in the small containers, leftovers in the large containers. You should be able to cook and store several meals, as well as use the small containers as lunchboxes. Buying a set like this works out much cheaper than buying individual containers. This set also makes the perfect house warming gift or gift for newly weds who have moved into their first home.

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